The Walking Dead: Alone

You didn't fool me, Walking Dead! I knew immediately that the beginning scene was a flashback. It was nice to see Glenn and Daryl together again, even if it was just a brief flashback instead of meeting up again for realsies.

As expected, we're moving away from character-specific episodes and into ones that sort of jump between groups. This time we're jumping between Maggie, Sasha, and... man... I can never remember that last guy's name. Bob? Anyway, it's between that group and Daryl and Beth.

Bates Motel: Gone But Not Forgotten

I was hoping Bates Motel would be more of a horror-based show, but it's turning into a soap opera of sorts. I think it's main pitfall is that every character, even the villians, are sympathetic.

Norman is a pyscho... obviously. He killed his dad and his teacher. He stalks poor Bradley. And yet, they paint him as misunderstood. He's not the total creep he was in the movies. And I suppose that's done partially on purpose. 

The Walking Dead Review: Claimed

Hey-O! Another week, another episode of the fantastic The Walking Dead. 

This week we totally neglect poor Daryl, Beth, Maggie, Tyreese, Judith, Lizzie, Carol and the others whose names I cannot recall. Michonne shows a little bit of personality, and it turns out I still don't like her. What happened to the old ass-kicker Michonne who just... well... kicked ass without concern for others? Without a toddler named Andre that may or may not be a secret according to Carl. 

The Walking Dead: Inmates

Finally! I had my doubts. I halfway suspected that The Walking Dead would go the route of previous seasons and spend whole episodes on each of the survivors, but it surprised me by making this a "hybrid" of sorts, focusing on each member as they try their damndest to reunite. This review will be chock-full of spoilers, so read at your own risk. 

Bates Motel Season 1 recap

Bates Motel comes back Monday, March 3rd, and I know I'm late to the Bates Motel party but I caught up on all the missed fun and excitement on a Netflix binge over a couple days. I really enjoyed the reimaging, setting Norman Bates in a modern setting but keeping some of his weird eccentricities, like taxidermy. 

Truth or Die

Welcome to the first installment of It Came From Hulu, where we at Horror Junk take a look at a film offered on Hulu to see if it's worth your time and energy.