Poster for Red River

Red River

The River Runs Red With The Dead

So let's just get this out of the way now. This is not a good movie by a long stretch. Very low budget, very bad actors and actresses. A storyline that, while simple, is sometimes confusing. Writing is poor. Execution is poor. But we as horror fans know that this isn't everything it takes to make an enjoyable movie. 

So, let's name some positives. Cliched plot. I know that may seem like a negative at first, but c'mon... who watches horror movies for good original plots? Not me. A bunch of kids in the woods for no apparent reason, smoking pot, getting drunk and skinny dipping? Yes, that is the best way to start a horror movie.

Creative kills, this movie has plenty of them. The effects are neither good nor bad, but the attempts they made to make them good are admirable. The filmmakers are passionate if nothing else. It doesn't take a psychic to see they really put their heart and soul into this movie, and that's got to count for something. Right?

Nudity, oh man, buckets of nudity! And that's a good thing. What's a horror film without either skinny dipping or a shower scene? If you ask me, it's a horror film not worth watching. So the young actresses spent much of the movie parading around without a top on. I'm very okay with it.

Would I recommend Red River to anyone but the most hardcore fan, who is capable of overlooking the cheese factor? Probably not. But if you fit into the category this movie is aimed at, you'll probably enjoy it. 

Set in a small town in the backwoods of Kentucky, RED RIVER tells the tale of Roland Thatcher: a family man, a business man, a man of God...and a man who doesn't take kindly to strangers. When a group of city kids sets up camp on the outskirts of his property, they spark a chain of events culminating in bloodshed, dismemberment and mass murder. As a local, fledgling reporter inches closer to the Thatcher property, the shocking truth about Roland and his 'family' may finally emerge...