The Walking Dead: Us

Holy shit, we actually got to see Terminus! I thought for sure that was going to be the little tidbit that dangled in front of us until next season, but here we are. Seeing Terminus.

Other notables... Glenn and Maggie are reunited. As if there was ever any doubt. A surprisingly emotional reunion, although not quite as good as when Rick found his family. This time it was in a tunnel surrounded by zombies and blood and death. Maggie apparently was able to collapse a huge chunk of that tunnel with a handgun. I'm not sure I bought that whole thing, and I'm not even sure why it focused on that at all. It was just sort of weird and distracting. But I digress.

Besides the reunion, the real story here is Daryl's new group. Hey, big surprise, they're the ones Rick killed a few episodes back! Yeah, no shit, right? But if the group is full of respect and rules, why did the one dude kill the other dude because he wouldn't get out of bed? Shouldn't that have been claimed by proxy? But like many things in TWD, it doesn't matter. You start to love the show based on inaccuracies and continuity errors.

We saw Rick for about 2 minutes. I HATE the new Michonne. I get that they had to give her some personality, but... did they REALLY? Couldn't she have just continued being the silent badass with the sword?

So Daryl's group is off to kill Rick. Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Abe, mullet-guy and hot-girl and lesbian are arriving in Terminus, and we're ready for the finale! Whose going to die? Smart money on the lesbian since they've succeeded in making her likeable, and she's totally expendable. Maybe Bob too. We'll see. 

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Friday Funday: Nudity in Friday the 13th Part 4

Nudity in Friday the 13th Part 4

After the somewhat lame Friday the 13th Part III, Part IV came out swingin'! Not only do we get Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover, but we get more skinny dipping with twins, naked romps in the woods and Jason starting to really come into his own as the slasher we all know and love. Overall, Part IV is one of the best of the series, and the plethora of nudity certainly helps that cause.

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The Walking Dead Review: The Grove

Holy shit. I really thought The Walking Dead couldn't surprise me anymore, but here we are. Spoilers galore, so watch out if you haven't seen the episode yet. 

Lizzie's insanity sort of confused and confuses me, although I guess that's part of being insane, right? Just doing stuff out of instinct that may or may not make sense. Lizzie is the one that nearly killed a baby in a previous episode, now crying at the loss of zombies. I guess, by the end of the episode, it's explained that she considers zombies "real humans", so a death just means you come back in a different form or something? I don't know, I'm confused about her motivations but the end result is the same. She killed Mika with her bare hands, and Carol had to make sure she didn't kill anyone else. And.... blam. That's that. 

Tyrese kept bringing up Karen in awkward moments, and I knew it was only a matter of time before Carol confessed to that. For as "strong" as Carol claims to be, she needs to keep her trap shut about killing the lovers of the only person she's traveling with. Tyrese forgave but didn't forget. Glenn used to be my favorite character, but since we haven't seen him in several episodes I guess for now my favorite is switching to Tyrese. He seems friendly, strong, and keeps a level head in this weird, new world. 

My only complaint is the same one I've had the last few weeks... I wish these episodes with a split-up group would focus on every faction of said group rather than just focus on the one. Where the fuck is Rick and Carl? By this point they could have made it to Terminus already! Show me Glenn and his crew for a little bit. Ah, but what do I know. 

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Keep Calm and Stay Awake

Found on Twitter from user @KreepyKustomz | Facebook

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The Walking Dead: Alone

You didn't fool me, Walking Dead! I knew immediately that the beginning scene was a flashback. It was nice to see Glenn and Daryl together again, even if it was just a brief flashback instead of meeting up again for realsies.

As expected, we're moving away from character-specific episodes and into ones that sort of jump between groups. This time we're jumping between Maggie, Sasha, and... man... I can never remember that last guy's name. Bob? Anyway, it's between that group and Daryl and Beth.

Daryl and Beth stumble upon a well-maintained funeral home, dust-free with food in the cabinets. They immediately fuck it up by sleeping in coffins, eating their food, and finally letting zombies roam free in the house. I will say that, after a few episodes of relatively tame and unthreatening encounters with zombies, the encounter in the funeral home was a refreshing change of pace. It actually felt, for just a minute, like they wouldn't be safe. That's an experience we haven't had with zombie encounters for a long time. 

Maggie, Sasha and Bob are constantly fighting about whether or not Glenn is still alive, and Maggie is going nuts and leaving the group. Then Sasha goes nuts and leaves the group. Then Bob goes off by himself. I'm not sure why that group hates each other so much they constantly feel the need to be alone, but it seems that "Alone" is a bad system in the zombie apocolypse. And I guess that's a pretty heavy-handed moral of this episode. Stick together. 

Anyway, other tidbits... Daryl seems to be crushing on Beth. Trading in Carol for a younger model. Beth is kidnapped by someone in a Cadillac. The owners of the funeral home, maybe? And Daryl meets up with some other dudes that seem to be a lot like him. 

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Friday Funday: Tracie Savage nude in Friday the 13th III

Tracie Savage nude in Friday the 13th part 3

You'd be forgiven for not liking Friday the 13th part III. Because it was originally shot for 3D screens, some of the shots that may have looked good in 3D are distractingly bad. The biker gang subplot went nowhere. The kills were uninspired. This was the movie when Jason got his mask, but is otherwise a pretty forgettable installment. Oh, and don't forget the "blink and you'll miss it" nudity from the beautiful Tracie Savage. 

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Bates Motel: Gone But Not Forgotten

I was hoping Bates Motel would be more of a horror-based show, but it's turning into a soap opera of sorts. I think it's main pitfall is that every character, even the villians, are sympathetic.

Norman is a pyscho... obviously. He killed his dad and his teacher. He stalks poor Bradley. And yet, they paint him as misunderstood. He's not the total creep he was in the movies. And I suppose that's done partially on purpose. 

But then mom should be bad, right? I mean, in the movies his mom is the reason Norman is the way he is. Instead, Norma loves her son and is doing "the right thing" in many instances to protect him. We see some violent and twisted tendencies occassionally, but she's still painted as a good mom who is helping her psychotic son.

So, enter Dylan. Norman's brother. He was the no-good hooligan, but now he's a "good guy", trying to pay rent, helping out his family. In a show based on a psychotic teenager killing people, there seem to be only good people here. Every show needs a villian, right? 

In this case, the villians are a bunch of people growing and selling pot, a drug which is on the verge of being legal. 

Anyway, screw it. Bradley is going nuts, suicidal and homocidal. Dylan is rejecting her advances. The sheriff may be starting to suspect Norman killed his teacher. And that's about all you need to know about this episode. 

I've been a bummer lately when reviewing horror TV shows, and even though I'm being a shithead about it, I still do mostly enjoy the shows. I just think they're capable of more. 

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Jason Cake

Found on Twitter from @seashimmer87, a nice Friday the 13th cake. Pretty cool. 

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The Walking Dead Review: Still

It's the Daryl and Beth show this week! 

Don't get me wrong, I like The Walking Dead. If it rest of this entry makes it seem like I don't, just keep it in your mind that I still really enjoy the show. 

That said, I wish they'd embrace the "ensemble" element of the show and not spend whole episodes just focused on 1-2 people. Even if that one person is Daryl, who I like. And I get that they're trying to break the characters free from their molds a little, so Michonne becomes a mom mourning the loss of her kid and Daryl starts crying 'cause his daddy didn't love him enough. 

Anyway, Beth is on a mission to get sloppy but Daryl won't let her drink Peach Schnapps. Instead, they find a trailer with a still and get all sloppy on moonshine playing "Never Have I Ever". And then they burn it down. And that's about all that happened here. 

There was a few zombies and a few good kills, but overall no real story progression and, even though it was an enjoyable episode, I really am more interested in... well... anyone else. 


Friday Funday: Kirsten Baker nude in Friday the 13th part II

Kirsten Baker Nude in Friday the 13th part 2

Friday the 13th part 2 is probably my favorite. Jason with the bag was much scarier than Jason with the mask, even though I realize the mask is way more iconic. One of the reasons number 2 always stands out is Kirsten Baker, pictured above. She took a short break from looking for her little dog to go skinny dipping in Crystal Lake. She didn't last long after this little swim, unfortunately. I wouldn't have minded seeing her in a few more sequels. 

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