Army of Darkness 2 in the works.

As a huge horror nerd, the original Evil Dead Trilogy is my absolute favorite series of all time. While I'm as eager as anyone for an Evil Dead 2 (in other words, a sequel to the reboot), Army of Darkness 2 is even more appealing. But let's make sure we pick up from the original ending. 

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Bates Motel: Meltdown

In typical Bates Motel fashion, we have to ruin a good streak of episodes with a total stinker of an episode. Seriously, what a piece of shit. With Cody gone we have a little less eye candy, one interesting character gone, and overall boredom with the show. 

Don't get me wrong, the amazing and beautiful Vera Farmiga is always fun to watch, but Norman is increasingly less fun. Part of me thinks Freddie Highmore isn't a great actor but instead just a little weird and awkward, like Norman. It's uncomfortable to watch him sometimes. I guess maybe that's the point. 

As quickly as it was brought up, Norman's DNA in Ms. Watson's storyline was dropped. The whole "drug war" is picking up. Is anyone else distracted by the fact that this drug war is between pot dealers? I mean, I know Breaking Bad took the meth angle, but pot is such a silly, harmless, and almost-legal drug that these murders and sketchy people involved are more laughable than threatening. 

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Friday Funday: Nudity in Friday the 13th Part 8

Alright, so Friday the 13th part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan won't win any Oscars. It's a weak entry in the series, but still fun to watch. It's got the 80's cheese you've come to know and love from Friday the 13th films, some decent kills, and a Jason with some personality even though the costume isn't as good as in the immediately previous film. It also skimped a bit on the nudity with just 2 very quick flashes from beauties Tiffany Paulsen and Sharlene Martin. Ignore the weird regression of Jason into a little boy at the end, and this is a fun, strange entry into the Friday series. 

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Bates Motel Review: Presumed Innocent

Things are heating up in the world of Bates Motel. Norman killed whats-her-name's dad, but he did it this time in "self-defense", a claim that may or may not be totally accurate. 

So, the interesting part of the show in my opinion is watching this young kid start to unravel. Lately it's really been diving into that whole idea. The blackouts are an interesting half-way point between being a pyscho killer/mom impersonator and his "true" identity of a weird high school kid. 

But of course the best part of the episode, as per usual, was the end when it was discovered that Norman's DNA matched the semen sample from his teacher from last season. Which leads to the bigger question... did Norman have sex with his teacher before or after he killed her? That's right, I'm asking the tough questions. 

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Friday Funday: Nudity in Friday the 13th Part 7

Nudity in Friday the 13th Part 7

Finally, time to take a closer look at my favorite installment of Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th part 7 puts Jason against a psychic. It's got Jason's coolest costume to date with bones and teeth sticking out. It's got some really great death scenes, including a girl who dies by a party kazoo through her eye. Turns out Jason is no match for telekinesis. In addition to all the other greatness part 7 has to offer, it also gives us the return to nudity part 6 was lacking. We've got drinking, partying, skinny dipping... just like Friday the 13th movies should have. Part 7 gives us Heidi Kozak nude, from a Jaws-esque persepctive. It also was gracious enough to give us the beautiful Elizabeth Kaitan nude in several different scenes. Bravo, Part VII. Bravo.

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Bates Motel Review: Plunge

Hey, Bates Motel comes through with a good episode! Whodathunkit?

So Cody and Norman are carrying on as the world's least likely couple. Their makeout session is rudely interrupted by Emma and what's-his-nuts, who all decide to go swimming. Emma nearly dies, Norman loses his shit.

Norman blackouts are getting more frequent now, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. The real story here is Norman's descent from a relatively "normal" teenager into a psychotic killer, and the rest of the show with Norma's run for city council, and Dylan's injury and the pot are just sort of filler. I'd love for the show to drop that nonsense and just focus on Norman, his bizarre relationship with Norma, and how he turned into the monster he becomes. 

Any horror-based show needs a good amount of death, blood, gore and typical horror cliches, and with the (kinda) skinny-dipping, the blackouts and the killing. It seems like we're starting to ramp up those elements now, which is a good thing.

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Friday Funday: Nudity in Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives

Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives

I enjoy Friday the 13th Part 6. It's Tommy Jarvis' third and final appearance, it's the return of the "real" Jason after part 5's imposter. It had good death scenes and some relative cheese that Friday the 13th should have. It's back to Camp Blood but this time, with children! I thought throwing children into the mix was a ballsy choice, even though it wasn't quite ballsy enough to kill any of them. But the one part where F13VI fell short in the series was the utter lack of nudity. After escalating the nakedness throughout every installment, this one goes back to zero nudity throughout, despite some easy ways to cram some nudity on in there. Oh well. Next week, part VII.

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The Walking Dead Review: A

Ho. Ly. Shit. If nothing else, The Walking Dead knows how to deliver a finale. That finale was about as grande a finale as you could have hoped for. 

This review is going to be mostly a fanboy schpiel on how great it was, and it'll be chalk-full of spoilers so read at your own risk.

Daryl's crew caught up with Rick's crew. The easy/fun time with Rick, Michonne and Carl came to and end as Rick bit through Joe's throat and Michonne went nuts with her sword. Rick then lost his shit a little bit, although I can't say that I blame him. Daryl did his best to make sure there was no violence but that clearly didn't work. The only takeaway from this is that Rick, Daryl and Michonne are fucking badasses who don't take no shit from no one. 

Daryl and Rick had a heartfelt talk where Rick owned up to the horrible shit he's done, but it's to protect him and his kid. Humans are capable of horrible shit under the right circumstances, and at least Rick understands that. 

Anyway, Daryl rejoins his group and they make it to Terminus. All seems well, briefly, until we see that these Terminus asshole are cannibals. After a brief chase through Terminus they end up locked in a train with the rest of the crew. 

This was everything we love about The Walking Dead. Zombies. Reunions. Salvation that turns into terror. A major cliffhanger. October is a long way away, but I'm excited about what Season 5 of The Walking Dead will bring. 

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Friday Funday: Nudity in Friday the 13th Part 5

Friday the 13th Part 5 nudity

Friday Part 5 gets a lot of slack in the horror community. Probably because it isn't the "true" Jason, just an imposter. But if we can get over that little tidbit, you'll find a movie with spectacular kills, the unforgettable Tommy Jarvis and, most importantly, lots of wonderful 80's horror nudity. We've got Rebecca Wood (it's SHOWTIME!), Deborah Vorhees (also known as Debisue Vorhees), and Julliette Cummins. 

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Bates Motel Review: Check-Out

I really want to like Bates Motel, but when it sort of straddles the line of soap opera/detective show, I find it difficult to get too involved. I want to see Norman being a... well, a psycho. I want to see weird incestual relationships between Norman and Norma, Norman losing his shit and freaking out. 

I get that the show is trying (and mostly succeeding) at making Norman sympathetic. It's trying to show how he got so weird and the weird family he came from. Finally we're getting some insight into that.

This episode advanced some teen drama I've come to hate, like Emma maybe/maybe not losing her virginity and that punk chick who may or may not have a crush on Norman. But it also featured weird boundaries between Norma and her brother, Norman peeping in on his mom while changing and getting a little to close while cuddling on the bed together. And we finally, FINALLY got to see Norman tap into his inner mother and lose his mind. We also got a hint of a realistic fight scene between Norman and his uncle which did not go well at all for Norman. 

Just when I give up hope on the series, it gives me an episode just barely good enough to keep me watching more. 

But the biggest reveal of the episode... Bates Motel offers free WiFi. Nice.

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