Poster for Naked Fear

Naked Fear

Finally, a filmmaker who almost... and I mean ALMOST gets it. You don't have to be clever, or even GOOD to make enjoyable horror movies. What you need is a good dose of nudity. Where this movie failed in my opinion was trying to take a bit more of a dramatic lean, rather than straight-up horror. Keep the strippers, keep the tons and tons of nudity. Replace the hunter with a slasher, and BAM. You got yourself a good little horror flick. This movie suffered from a lack of imaginative kills, but it more than make up for it in special effects and, as mentioned before, nakedness galore. And hey, it's free on Hulu so who are you to complain? Watch the movie.

When Diana (Danielle De Luca) takes a job as a stripper in a sleepy New Mexico town, she's unaware that her fellow dancers have been disappearing. The local sheriff (Joe Mantegna) is stumped, but Diana learns the truth when she becomes the next victim. Her abductor takes her into the desert, where he strips her and lets her go. Then, he begins to hunt Diana with a rifle through the wilderness as s