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Entity Review

Let's just get it outta the way quickly. I fucking hated this movie. I honestly can't think of anything really good to say about it, but I've got plenty of bad. 

Damsel in Distress

Just a reminder that, even in old, classic horror movies, all we wanted to see were hot chicks and monsters. I, for one, am glad to see the equation hasn't changed much. 

Truth or Die

Welcome to the first installment of It Came From Hulu, where we at Horror Junk take a look at a film offered on Hulu to see if it's worth your time and energy. 

The Walking Dead Season 4b

As a long-time fan of The Walking Dead, I can't fucking wait for season 4b to hit the air. Just like every other horror fan nerd on the internet, I have some predictions.

People gonna die. Good 'ole Hersh bit the dust in the last episode, which counts as a big shocker death. We won't see any other big shockers until the season 4 finale, but I think we'll see more kids die. Maybe even that blonde chick whose name I can never remember.