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The Walking Dead Review: A

Ho. Ly. Shit. If nothing else, The Walking Dead knows how to deliver a finale. That finale was about as grande a finale as you could have hoped for. 

This review is going to be mostly a fanboy schpiel on how great it was, and it'll be chalk-full of spoilers so read at your own risk.

Friday Funday: Nudity in Friday the 13th Part 5

Friday the 13th Part 5 nudity

Friday Part 5 gets a lot of slack in the horror community. Probably because it isn't the "true" Jason, just an imposter. But if we can get over that little tidbit, you'll find a movie with spectacular kills, the unforgettable Tommy Jarvis and, most importantly, lots of wonderful 80's horror nudity. We've got Rebecca Wood (it's SHOWTIME!), Deborah Vorhees (also known as Debisue Vorhees), and Julliette Cummins. 

Bates Motel Review: Check-Out

I really want to like Bates Motel, but when it sort of straddles the line of soap opera/detective show, I find it difficult to get too involved. I want to see Norman being a... well, a psycho. I want to see weird incestual relationships between Norman and Norma, Norman losing his shit and freaking out. 

I get that the show is trying (and mostly succeeding) at making Norman sympathetic. It's trying to show how he got so weird and the weird family he came from. Finally we're getting some insight into that.

The Walking Dead: Us

Holy shit, we actually got to see Terminus! I thought for sure that was going to be the little tidbit that dangled in front of us until next season, but here we are. Seeing Terminus.

Friday Funday: Nudity in Friday the 13th Part 4

Nudity in Friday the 13th Part 4

After the somewhat lame Friday the 13th Part III, Part IV came out swingin'! Not only do we get Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover, but we get more skinny dipping with twins, naked romps in the woods and Jason starting to really come into his own as the slasher we all know and love. Overall, Part IV is one of the best of the series, and the plethora of nudity certainly helps that cause.

The Walking Dead: Alone

You didn't fool me, Walking Dead! I knew immediately that the beginning scene was a flashback. It was nice to see Glenn and Daryl together again, even if it was just a brief flashback instead of meeting up again for realsies.

As expected, we're moving away from character-specific episodes and into ones that sort of jump between groups. This time we're jumping between Maggie, Sasha, and... man... I can never remember that last guy's name. Bob? Anyway, it's between that group and Daryl and Beth.

Friday Funday: Tracie Savage nude in Friday the 13th III

Tracie Savage nude in Friday the 13th part 3

You'd be forgiven for not liking Friday the 13th part III. Because it was originally shot for 3D screens, some of the shots that may have looked good in 3D are distractingly bad. The biker gang subplot went nowhere. The kills were uninspired. This was the movie when Jason got his mask, but is otherwise a pretty forgettable installment. Oh, and don't forget the "blink and you'll miss it" nudity from the beautiful Tracie Savage. 

Bates Motel: Gone But Not Forgotten

I was hoping Bates Motel would be more of a horror-based show, but it's turning into a soap opera of sorts. I think it's main pitfall is that every character, even the villians, are sympathetic.

Norman is a pyscho... obviously. He killed his dad and his teacher. He stalks poor Bradley. And yet, they paint him as misunderstood. He's not the total creep he was in the movies. And I suppose that's done partially on purpose.