The Walking Dead: Us

Holy shit, we actually got to see Terminus! I thought for sure that was going to be the little tidbit that dangled in front of us until next season, but here we are. Seeing Terminus.

Other notables... Glenn and Maggie are reunited. As if there was ever any doubt. A surprisingly emotional reunion, although not quite as good as when Rick found his family. This time it was in a tunnel surrounded by zombies and blood and death. Maggie apparently was able to collapse a huge chunk of that tunnel with a handgun. I'm not sure I bought that whole thing, and I'm not even sure why it focused on that at all. It was just sort of weird and distracting. But I digress.

Besides the reunion, the real story here is Daryl's new group. Hey, big surprise, they're the ones Rick killed a few episodes back! Yeah, no shit, right? But if the group is full of respect and rules, why did the one dude kill the other dude because he wouldn't get out of bed? Shouldn't that have been claimed by proxy? But like many things in TWD, it doesn't matter. You start to love the show based on inaccuracies and continuity errors.

We saw Rick for about 2 minutes. I HATE the new Michonne. I get that they had to give her some personality, but... did they REALLY? Couldn't she have just continued being the silent badass with the sword?

So Daryl's group is off to kill Rick. Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Abe, mullet-guy and hot-girl and lesbian are arriving in Terminus, and we're ready for the finale! Whose going to die? Smart money on the lesbian since they've succeeded in making her likeable, and she's totally expendable. Maybe Bob too. We'll see.