The Walking Dead Season 4b

As a long-time fan of The Walking Dead, I can't fucking wait for season 4b to hit the air. Just like every other horror fan nerd on the internet, I have some predictions.

People gonna die. Good 'ole Hersh bit the dust in the last episode, which counts as a big shocker death. We won't see any other big shockers until the season 4 finale, but I think we'll see more kids die. Maybe even that blonde chick whose name I can never remember. 

Zombies, and lots of 'em. Thank god the stupid sickness story arc is dead, so we can get back to the real threat of the series. Zombies. Oh, and other humans. But mostly zombies. That's why I like the show, and there better be lots of nasty looking zombies who get killed in new and interesting ways.

Daryl being a bad ass. That won't surprise anyone. That dude rules.