The Walking Dead Review: Still

It's the Daryl and Beth show this week! 

Don't get me wrong, I like The Walking Dead. If it rest of this entry makes it seem like I don't, just keep it in your mind that I still really enjoy the show. 

That said, I wish they'd embrace the "ensemble" element of the show and not spend whole episodes just focused on 1-2 people. Even if that one person is Daryl, who I like. And I get that they're trying to break the characters free from their molds a little, so Michonne becomes a mom mourning the loss of her kid and Daryl starts crying 'cause his daddy didn't love him enough. 

Anyway, Beth is on a mission to get sloppy but Daryl won't let her drink Peach Schnapps. Instead, they find a trailer with a still and get all sloppy on moonshine playing "Never Have I Ever". And then they burn it down. And that's about all that happened here. 

There was a few zombies and a few good kills, but overall no real story progression and, even though it was an enjoyable episode, I really am more interested in... well... anyone else.