The Walking Dead Review: The Grove

Holy shit. I really thought The Walking Dead couldn't surprise me anymore, but here we are. Spoilers galore, so watch out if you haven't seen the episode yet. 

Lizzie's insanity sort of confused and confuses me, although I guess that's part of being insane, right? Just doing stuff out of instinct that may or may not make sense. Lizzie is the one that nearly killed a baby in a previous episode, now crying at the loss of zombies. I guess, by the end of the episode, it's explained that she considers zombies "real humans", so a death just means you come back in a different form or something? I don't know, I'm confused about her motivations but the end result is the same. She killed Mika with her bare hands, and Carol had to make sure she didn't kill anyone else. And.... blam. That's that. 

Tyrese kept bringing up Karen in awkward moments, and I knew it was only a matter of time before Carol confessed to that. For as "strong" as Carol claims to be, she needs to keep her trap shut about killing the lovers of the only person she's traveling with. Tyrese forgave but didn't forget. Glenn used to be my favorite character, but since we haven't seen him in several episodes I guess for now my favorite is switching to Tyrese. He seems friendly, strong, and keeps a level head in this weird, new world. 

My only complaint is the same one I've had the last few weeks... I wish these episodes with a split-up group would focus on every faction of said group rather than just focus on the one. Where the fuck is Rick and Carl? By this point they could have made it to Terminus already! Show me Glenn and his crew for a little bit. Ah, but what do I know.