The Walking Dead Review: After

I fucking love The Walking Dead. I fucking love it alot. But as a mid-season premiere (is that the proper terminology?), this fell a bit flat.

We start right where the mid-season finale ended. The prison has fallen. The survivors are all split up. Carl and Rick are off on their own, wandering through a nearby neighborhood. Michonne has taken on a couple new zombie pets to help protect her from the other zombies wandering around. This time around we don't really see what happened to any of the other survivors, but I'm sure they'll focus on that later in typical Walking Dead fashion. 

After my overwhelmingly negative Entity review, I don't want to confuse anyone. I don't hate horror, and I didn't hate this episode. But it wasn't without it's negatives.

A big part of why this episode sucked was Carl. He's turning into a typical rebellious teen, which I already have little sympathy for, but for some intensely emotional scenes, it's clear that young actors just typically don't have the chops to pull it off. Some of his speeches seemed whiney, which... I guess... may have been the point of them. I did enjoy the dichotomy of a young teen who takes time off from killing zombies to enjoy 112 ounces of chocolate pudding and another young teenager's room before he (I assume) got eaten. 

Rick is really recovering from a mental breakdown as well as the Governer's smackdown, so he's got a lot going on. He spends a good chunk of the show unconscious, which sucks because out of the three survivors in this episode, he's the only one I liked.

We get a glimpse into Michonne's past, which it turns out, I don't care about at all. Turns out she had a kid. Or did we know that already? Turns out I don't care. I like Michonne as a bad ass who kills zombies with her bad ass sword. I don't care about the tortured soul underneath. At all. I'm mostly annoyed at her screaming episodes where she's so overwhelmed. What happened to the old Michonne? Cowboy up, woman. 

Carl continued to annoy me, wasting precious bullets on zombies when he could have done the respectable thing and just died. 

I'm excited to see what the rest of the season holds, but I think in general the show is more interesting when the survivors are together. I hope it doesn't take long to unite them all, and I definitely hope that each episode focuses a bit on on each survivor rather than "taking turns" for each episode. But that's typically not how TWD has done things so far, so it's probably a silly hope they'll do it now.