The Walking Dead: Alone

You didn't fool me, Walking Dead! I knew immediately that the beginning scene was a flashback. It was nice to see Glenn and Daryl together again, even if it was just a brief flashback instead of meeting up again for realsies.

As expected, we're moving away from character-specific episodes and into ones that sort of jump between groups. This time we're jumping between Maggie, Sasha, and... man... I can never remember that last guy's name. Bob? Anyway, it's between that group and Daryl and Beth.

Daryl and Beth stumble upon a well-maintained funeral home, dust-free with food in the cabinets. They immediately fuck it up by sleeping in coffins, eating their food, and finally letting zombies roam free in the house. I will say that, after a few episodes of relatively tame and unthreatening encounters with zombies, the encounter in the funeral home was a refreshing change of pace. It actually felt, for just a minute, like they wouldn't be safe. That's an experience we haven't had with zombie encounters for a long time. 

Maggie, Sasha and Bob are constantly fighting about whether or not Glenn is still alive, and Maggie is going nuts and leaving the group. Then Sasha goes nuts and leaves the group. Then Bob goes off by himself. I'm not sure why that group hates each other so much they constantly feel the need to be alone, but it seems that "Alone" is a bad system in the zombie apocolypse. And I guess that's a pretty heavy-handed moral of this episode. Stick together. 

Anyway, other tidbits... Daryl seems to be crushing on Beth. Trading in Carol for a younger model. Beth is kidnapped by someone in a Cadillac. The owners of the funeral home, maybe? And Daryl meets up with some other dudes that seem to be a lot like him.