Truth or Die

Welcome to the first installment of It Came From Hulu, where we at Horror Junk take a look at a film offered on Hulu to see if it's worth your time and energy. 

Presented by Bloody Disgusting, you'd think that the people who helped write and fund the movies would understand horror and the horror fans watching the movie. And, they do... sort of. The movies starts off predictably with a party and teenagers drinking. It's a cliche, yet promising, premise. After just a few minutes a game of truth or dare starts out innocently enough, but as the title of the film suggests, it turns bad pretty quickly. 

The movie is fun, well shot and decently acted. Of course, the British accents may cover up bad acting, but as an American I'm totally fine with that. It's a fun movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and tries to have a little fun with an overall predictable premise. As horror fans, originality isn't always the most important element in a movie. It's sometimes much more important just to be fun and interesting, and this movie definitely follows that trend. As far as a cast of characters, this movie has the usual suspects. Attractive young people looking to drink and party. A crazy groundskeeper. An abused nerd. An ominous, run-down cabin in an isolated area of the woods that "city cars" can't get to. Yes indeed, it doesn't get much more cliche and predictable in setup than this film, but again, I'm not knocking that. As a horror fan, I'm much more interested in a fun movie with cool death scenes and, of course, some nudity. 

There's a few faults with the movie. The first is that the victims are very unlikeable. The villian is much more likeable and friendly, and when choosing sides it's pretty easy to feel absolutely no sympathy for the people in the film that you should feel sympathetic about. I mean, usually in slashers you're rooting for the bad guy, until the bad guy kills enough people that the one remaining survivor should take him out. This has no such survivor. Just a bunch of shit heads who you're wishing would die sooner than they do. 

I will say, being a British film, they use the word "mate" often, and it is very charming. I like it. 

There's no nudity. So that's disappointing.

The movie is clearly named after, and based on, the premise of the game truth or dare. But man, there sure is a tiring amount of truth or dare in the film. And I get it. The film needed a gimmick and it pursued truth or dare to the bitter end, even though it should have diverted from that course a bit earlier, upped the action, and turned a little less serious as the film pressed on rather than trying to get more serious. It's a flaw, but not a fatal one I suppose. 

As a fun horror flick, it's probably worth the 85 minutes of your life. If nothing else, you can pretend you got some culture from this film and walk away from it using words like mate, tosser, and bloody. It's a foreign film, and that has to account for something right? Plus, it's free. Despite its flaws, it's worth giving it a shot.