Entity Review

Let's just get it outta the way quickly. I fucking hated this movie. I honestly can't think of anything really good to say about it, but I've got plenty of bad. 

I like "found footage" style horror. I really do. I think it's an effective way to tell a story and, if done well, can be quite chilling and fun. This movie, just like Diary of the Dead, didn't fully commit to the style and therefore left it a little lacking and its execution. Where Diary cut to and from unlikely sources of cameras and impossible editing techniques and a silly explanation of how the footage was enhanced with sound effects, Entity took a 1/2 and 1/2 approach, showing some through the camera they had on sight and some shot like a "traditional" film.

But honestly, I'm okay with overlooking this "flaw". As long a horror is fun, I'm board and will enjoy it.

This movie did not have 1 lick of fun. Not one second of the movie was entertaining or interesting or fun. It was a movie that took itself way too seriously in a premise that was tired and cliche. It was boring. Maybe it was trying the "slow build" type of horror that could justify a painfully dull intro as long as it had a great payoff (see The Shining or Texas Chainsaw Massacre for examples), but with no payoff, uninteresting and unlikeable characters, and a difficult to follow premise, it made this movie just unbearable to sit through.

While watching, I knew it was going to be the focus of this here movie review, and I couldn't even bring myself to pay attention or watch it in on sitting. I was constantly tempted by my phone and browsing Reddit rather than watching. This is not a common occurence for me. I will watch and enjoy nearly any horror movie and watch it uninterrupted. But not this one. 

Skip it. Or not. I don't know, or care. It's embedded in this post if you choose to watch it.