Bates Motel Review: Plunge

Hey, Bates Motel comes through with a good episode! Whodathunkit?

So Cody and Norman are carrying on as the world's least likely couple. Their makeout session is rudely interrupted by Emma and what's-his-nuts, who all decide to go swimming. Emma nearly dies, Norman loses his shit.

Norman blackouts are getting more frequent now, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. The real story here is Norman's descent from a relatively "normal" teenager into a psychotic killer, and the rest of the show with Norma's run for city council, and Dylan's injury and the pot are just sort of filler. I'd love for the show to drop that nonsense and just focus on Norman, his bizarre relationship with Norma, and how he turned into the monster he becomes. 

Any horror-based show needs a good amount of death, blood, gore and typical horror cliches, and with the (kinda) skinny-dipping, the blackouts and the killing. It seems like we're starting to ramp up those elements now, which is a good thing.