Bates Motel Review: Check-Out

I really want to like Bates Motel, but when it sort of straddles the line of soap opera/detective show, I find it difficult to get too involved. I want to see Norman being a... well, a psycho. I want to see weird incestual relationships between Norman and Norma, Norman losing his shit and freaking out. 

I get that the show is trying (and mostly succeeding) at making Norman sympathetic. It's trying to show how he got so weird and the weird family he came from. Finally we're getting some insight into that.

This episode advanced some teen drama I've come to hate, like Emma maybe/maybe not losing her virginity and that punk chick who may or may not have a crush on Norman. But it also featured weird boundaries between Norma and her brother, Norman peeping in on his mom while changing and getting a little to close while cuddling on the bed together. And we finally, FINALLY got to see Norman tap into his inner mother and lose his mind. We also got a hint of a realistic fight scene between Norman and his uncle which did not go well at all for Norman. 

Just when I give up hope on the series, it gives me an episode just barely good enough to keep me watching more. 

But the biggest reveal of the episode... Bates Motel offers free WiFi. Nice.