Bates Motel: Meltdown

In typical Bates Motel fashion, we have to ruin a good streak of episodes with a total stinker of an episode. Seriously, what a piece of shit. With Cody gone we have a little less eye candy, one interesting character gone, and overall boredom with the show. 

Don't get me wrong, the amazing and beautiful Vera Farmiga is always fun to watch, but Norman is increasingly less fun. Part of me thinks Freddie Highmore isn't a great actor but instead just a little weird and awkward, like Norman. It's uncomfortable to watch him sometimes. I guess maybe that's the point. 

As quickly as it was brought up, Norman's DNA in Ms. Watson's storyline was dropped. The whole "drug war" is picking up. Is anyone else distracted by the fact that this drug war is between pot dealers? I mean, I know Breaking Bad took the meth angle, but pot is such a silly, harmless, and almost-legal drug that these murders and sketchy people involved are more laughable than threatening.