Bates Motel: Gone But Not Forgotten

I was hoping Bates Motel would be more of a horror-based show, but it's turning into a soap opera of sorts. I think it's main pitfall is that every character, even the villians, are sympathetic.

Norman is a pyscho... obviously. He killed his dad and his teacher. He stalks poor Bradley. And yet, they paint him as misunderstood. He's not the total creep he was in the movies. And I suppose that's done partially on purpose. 

But then mom should be bad, right? I mean, in the movies his mom is the reason Norman is the way he is. Instead, Norma loves her son and is doing "the right thing" in many instances to protect him. We see some violent and twisted tendencies occassionally, but she's still painted as a good mom who is helping her psychotic son.

So, enter Dylan. Norman's brother. He was the no-good hooligan, but now he's a "good guy", trying to pay rent, helping out his family. In a show based on a psychotic teenager killing people, there seem to be only good people here. Every show needs a villian, right? 

In this case, the villians are a bunch of people growing and selling pot, a drug which is on the verge of being legal. 

Anyway, screw it. Bradley is going nuts, suicidal and homocidal. Dylan is rejecting her advances. The sheriff may be starting to suspect Norman killed his teacher. And that's about all you need to know about this episode. 

I've been a bummer lately when reviewing horror TV shows, and even though I'm being a shithead about it, I still do mostly enjoy the shows. I just think they're capable of more.